Tower Generator on Better Connecticut

Hurricane season is in effect until November 30. Are you ready for Mother Nature? The folks at Harwinton Ambulance Association sure are! Recently, we walked Better Connecticut's Scot Haney through the benefits of having a generator at your business and your home.

Cummins Acoustical Technology Center

The investment Cummins has made in their Acoustical Technology Center illustrates why their generators are so quiet. The 23,000 square foot building located at the Fridley Minnesota plant is capable of testing up to 3.3 megawatt machines. Through this testing, Cummins is able to locate Read More

Standby vs. Portable Generators

When thinking about buying a generator, we’re often asked if a portable generator is a good or comparable solution to a standby generator. No. Having a standby generator installed is the first step to keeping your family and home safe. Standby generators offer a steadfast Read More

The Newest Addition to the Fleet!

Tower Generator recently added another unit to their rental power fleet. The brand new 100kw John Deere powered diesel generator has been fully tested by our technicians and it is ready to roll. Mobile generators are often used to keep the power on while we Read More

Heat Waves Cause Power Outages

When temperatures rise, the power is likely to shut down. Think of the 72,000 people who lost power in New York recently! Families are staying inside with their air conditioners—the only problem is that everyone is doing the same. Air conditioners require a lot of Read More