Commercial Generators: A Business Necessity for Standby Power

A commercial backup generator outside of a business.

It’s a typical weekday evening. As you head home from work you remember you need to pick up a few groceries for dinner. Along the way you drive by a local restaurant and notice the crowds of people inside enjoying their meals. Continuing past the movie theater with its bright marquee highlighting the latest blockbuster, you arrive at your destination. You approach the entrance, the automatic doors open, and you walk inside. Pushing your cart down the aisles to the frozen foods case, you grab the few items you need and steer to the checkout line. A simple swipe of your card to make your purchase and you head towards the exit. You step onto the pavement and make your way to your car, guided by the amber glow from the light poles in the parking lot, ready to finally go home.

Backup Power to Keep Businesses Running

All of the tasks mentioned above have something in common; they wouldn’t be possible without electricity. From the restaurant serving food in a lit and temperature-controlled room to the movie theater playing the new superhero movie. And nearly every interaction at the grocery store – the automatic doors, the refrigeration cases in the frozen food section, the scanners at the checkout lane, and even the parking lot lighting. All of these everyday functions rely on a continuous supply of electricity. But what happens if that supply were interrupted? Not only would we lose the conveniences we take for granted, but there are farther-reaching effects that may not be immediately apparent. Let’s explore these consequences and how a commercial backup generator provides the solution to this problem.

How a Backup Generator Can Save A Commercial Business

Prevent Lost Revenue

Businesses rely on electricity to operate. There’s no way around it. Lighting, computers, medical equipment, HVAC systems, machinery–they all need power to operate to keep the business running. Without power, stores can’t serve customers, manufacturers can’t produce parts, and medical offices can’t treat patients. This loss in revenue can quickly add up depending on the duration of the outage and the size of the business. Commercial generators are installed to keep a business’ electrical systems powered during a blackout, with little to no downtime. While the utility company works to restore the grid, the business can continue to operate, minimizing any potential loss in revenue. 

Minimize Wasted Spend

For businesses that need to keep products stored at a certain temperature, such as grocery stores, restaurants, or even pharmacies, an outage can also mean a lost investment in the form of spoiled goods. A commercial backup power supply is designed to kick on immediately when a loss in power is detected, providing an uninterrupted flow of electricity to the building. This can help prevent temperature changes and lessen the chance of losing inventory due to improper storage conditions.

Protect Sensitive Components

When power is restored after an outage, there is often a sudden voltage fluctuation throughout the electrical grid. This power surge can damage sensitive components, such as those found in computers, appliances, and machinery. A commercial generator can help to reduce that fluctuation and protect any connected equipment from becoming damaged in the process.

Keep Data Secure

Servers and databanks generate a lot of heat and require a cooling system to counteract the high temperatures they create to avoid damage to their components. During an outage, a UPS system can keep servers running, but may not be able to handle the demand of the cooling system. In this case, the servers will continue to run and the temperature will continue to rise, creating the potential for overheating. A commercial backup generator provides the power necessary to keep the cooling system running and the servers operating efficiently. This prevents not only data loss but also damage to the data hardware itself, which can cost thousands of dollars and upwards to replace.

Ensure a Safe Exit

During an outage, it’s critical (and legally required in most cases) that a business has an alternative electrical source to power emergency lights and elevators so any personnel or customers inside the building can safely proceed to the exit. If a building is equipped with an appropriately sized generator, it will kick on as soon as the power loss is detected and people inside may only notice a flicker in the lights’ operation. A generator can also supply electricity to fire alarms and fire suppression systems, providing another layer of safety for the building and its occupants.

Maintain Security

After everyone has safely exited the building, a backup power system can continue to power security systems, including alarms, electronic locks, and surveillance cameras. These systems can remain in operation which can help deter criminal activity and document any unauthorized attempts to enter the building.

Increase Property Value

While it may not be the first reason you would think of installing one for your business, having a backup generator can improve your property value. Commercial generators are increasing in popularity and are often seen as a value-add for any potential buyers. Additionally, many insurance companies will also offer a discount to businesses with a commercial generator. The reasoning behind this is that the generator can power security systems in the event of an outage, protecting the building and helping to prevent theft, damage, or vandalism.

Protection from Unexpected Power Outages 

Power outages can happen unexpectedly, and depending on the cause, can last for days or even weeks. For businesses, that can mean lost revenue, wasted products, compromised security, and potentially dangerous conditions for occupants. Standby generators offer a reliable solution for businesses to avoid costly downtime and disruptions, safeguard their assets, comply with safety regulations, and protect the health and safety of employees and customers. Deciding to purchase a commercial generator is not only a practical business decision but also an investment in your company’s well-being.

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