81-Point Service Program

Our standard contract includes one power generator service inspection and one maintenance inspection.

The following generator systems are checked as a part of your 81 point inspection:

Battery Checks
1 Battery Cables Checked
2 Battery Cable Terminals Cleaned and Checked
3 Battery Posts Cleaned and Checked
4 Electrolyte Level Checked and Topped Off
5 Charger Operation Checked
6 Charger Float Voltage Checked and Recorded
7 Battery Load Tested and Recorded
8 Date in Service Recorded
Cooling System Checks
9 Fan Belt Checked
10 Alternator Belt Checked
11 Governor Belt Checked
12 Water Pump Belt Checked
13 Radiator Hoses Checked
14 Heater Hoses Checked
15 Radiator condition (Internal and External) Checked
16 Water Pump Checked
17 Coolant Level Checked and Topped Off
18 Coolant Protection Checked
19 Louver Operation Checked
20 All Hose Clamps Tightened
Lubrication Checks
21 Oil Level, add if needed
22 Oil Condition Checked
23 Oil Lines Checked
24 Oil Filter Checked
Tune Up 
25 Plugs Checked
26 Points Checked
27 Condenser Checked
28 Distributor Cap Checked
29 Distributor Rotor Checked
30 Plug Wire’s Checked
31 PCV Valve Checked
Exhaust System
32 Piping Checked
33 Muffler Checked
34 Clear Condensate Drain
35 Insulation Check
36 Flex Pipe Check
37 Rain Cap Check
Fuel System
38 Fuel Filter Check
39 Air Filter Check
40 Day Tank Check
41 Fuel Lines Checked
42 Fuel Solenoid Checked
43 Fuel Level Checked and Recorded
General System Checks
44 Electrical Connections Checked
45 Mechanical Connections Checked
Operating Conditions
46 Oil Pressure Recorded
47 Coolant Temperature Recorded
48 Engine Alternator Charging Voltage Recorded
49 AC Output Voltage Checked, Adjusted and Recorded
50 AC Output Frequency Checked, Adjusted and Recorded
51 AC Amps Recorded on Each Phase
Transfer Switch & System Test
52 ATS Indicator Lamps Checked
53 ATS Meters Checked and Adjusted if Needed
54 Exercise Clock Checked
55 Exercise Clock Settings Checked and Recorded
56 Engine Start Time Delay Checked and Recorded
57 Transfer to Emergency Source Checked and Recorded
58 Retransfer to Normal Source Checked and Recorded
59 Engine Cool Down Time Delay Checked and Recorded
Engine Safeties
60 Low Oil Pressure Pre-Alarm Checked
61 Low Oil Pressure Shut Down Checked
62 High Engine Temperature Pre-Alarm Checked
63 High Engine Temperature Shut Down Checked
64 Over Crank Safety Checked
65 Over Speed Safety Checked

All of the following items are included in our Maintenance Visit:

Maintenance Items
66 Oil Changed
67 Oil Filter Changed
68 Oil Sample Taken if included with contract
69 Fuel Filters Changed
70 Air Filter Changed if Necessary
71 Spark Plugs Changed
72 Points Changed
73 Condenser Changed
74 Distributor Cap Changed
75 Distributor Rotor Changed
76 Lubricate Generator Bearing
77 Lubricate Governor Linkage
78 Lubricate Fan Shaft
79 Lubricate Water Pump Bearing
80 Inspect and Clean Slip Rings and Brushes
81 ALL 65 Checks Listed Under Service Inspection

Note: All items on this list may not pertain to your emergency generator system, but on average, 81 of these points will be checked on your generator system.