Living in Connecticut

Forty-two Hours Without Electricity? We love living in Connecticut – its natural beauty, culture, and quality of life are (in our opinion) among the best of any other state in the country. But we have to be honest – we do have a power outage Read More

Where’s my Generator?

Nationwide, we are experiencing record-level demand for in-home generators.  While this is good news for our industry, it is causing a backlog in inventory – leading to frustration among homeowners and businesses who want to be prepared with a reliable back-up power source as soon Read More

How to prepare for an ice storm

Reality: an ice storm is not “just another winter storm.” First: ice is heavy. A half-inch of ice can add 500lbs to power lines or trees and a full inch means 1,000lbs hanging from everything. Even big trees can’t deal with that amount of weight, and Read More