Spring Forward with Standby Generator Power

A residential generator in a yard.

It seems like the bleak winter days are finally behind us and warm, sunny days are on the horizon. Spring brings warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and unfortunately, unpredictable thunderstorms. While rain may seem like a welcome change to winter’s snow for some, these storms can also wreak havoc on the power grid, potentially leaving you without electricity for extended periods. This is where a standby generator comes in. From lighting to temperature control to security systems and more, a well-maintained generator can provide crucial backup power to keep your home or business safe and comfortable during outages.

Spring Cleaning

If your home or business is equipped with a backup generator, now is the perfect time to make sure it’s in working order and to schedule a maintenance visit if needed. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where your power is out and you suddenly find your generator isn’t working. Luckily, there are some basic cleaning and maintenance tasks you can perform to prep your generator for the coming storm season.

Clear Debris

Over the fall and winter, piles of leaves, sticks, and other debris can gather around your generator. This can block air filters and vents which can cause the unit to overheat. Clear any foreign objects from all sides of the generator, including the top and back. It’s also advisable to trim back any branches that may be getting close.

Inspect Air Filters

Once the area around your generator is clear, inspect the air filters of the unit. These filters help to prevent any unwanted particles in the air from entering and damaging the generator’s engine. If you notice they are clogged with dirt or other debris, they should be replaced. 

Visual Inspection

Perform a visual inspection of the generator, keeping an eye out for any signs of visible damage or advanced wear, such as dents, rust, loose components, or noticeable leaks. Be on the lookout for any signs of a rodent infestation in the unit. If you spot anything concerning, call a generator specialist to come out and take a look.

Check Oil Level

Like a car’s engine, a generator requires oil to function properly and dissipate heat. Use the dipstick to check the oil level of your unit. If the oil is low, you will need to top up or change the oil. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific information on the type of oil to use, type of oil filter, and for guidance on how often you should change the oil.

Service From A Generator Specialist 

Regular, do-it-yourself maintenance is an important part of caring for your generator, but for more advanced tasks you will likely need to consult with qualified professionals. They will have the experience and training necessary to make repairs and keep your generator in tip-top shape.

Professional Inspection

A generator specialist can perform an inspection to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems, so you can count on your generator to work properly during a power outage.

Thorough Cleaning

More than just cleaning up leaves and sticks, a deep clean of the generator will remove any built-up debris from inside the unit and ensure efficient operation.

Performance Optimization

The technician will be able to adjust any necessary settings and fine-tune the generator for optimal performance in warmer weather conditions.

Load Testing

To ensure your generator can handle the electrical demands of your home or business the technician will run the unit under a simulated load with a load bank. A load bank test is critically important for commercial and emergency generators, where the power demand is especially high.

Backup Power for All Seasons

Standby generators provide year-round peace of mind. Whether you have one for your home, business, or both, you can rest easier knowing you have a backup source of power in the event of an outage.

Keep the Lights On

It’s not only inconvenient when the lights go out during a blackout, it’s also dangerous. A grocery store suddenly plunged into darkness with hundreds of people inside is a recipe for disaster. Even navigating your own home can be hazardous in the dark. In fact, a recent study indicated an increased risk of hospitalization for children due to accidental injuries during power outages. Standby generators are an ideal solution to ensure your home or business stays well lit during a blackout, minimizing the risk of injury for anyone inside.

Climate Control

When the power fails, commercial and residential generators are capable of supplying the power necessary to keep HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems online. This not only helps to keep occupants comfortable, but can prevent property damage from freezing pipes.

Provide Safety Measures

During an outage, a generator can supply the power needed to keep crucial safety equipment operational. This can be anything from smoke alarms and fire suppression systems to outdoor motion lights to security systems.

Prevent Business Disruption

Businesses rely on electricity. When the power goes out, companies with standby generators can continue to operate. Generators can provide power to business essentials, like POS systems or refrigeration cases, minimizing lost revenue and the potential for spoiled goods.

Preparing Your Home Or Business For Potential Power Outages

From basic cleaning jobs to more advanced service, it’s important to make sure your generator is well-cared for so it can do its job when needed. Be sure to follow the maintenance schedule in the unit’s owner’s manual for guidance on any DIY tasks and schedule regular maintenance visits from a reputable generator professional.

Trust Tower Generator for Residential & Commercial Generator Service

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