Business as Usual
Your daily operations depend on a reliable source of power. That’s the reason you have a backup generator – to keep your workplace, customers,  or municipal services up & running during any unexpected loss of electricity.

Proper care and maintenance are critical to ensure that your generator is always ready to run and operates at peak performance. Tower Generator commercial backup generator service provides the complete system care needed to keep your generator ready to turn on within seconds of an outage.

Annual Maintenance
Whether you own a large or small commercial generator for your business, your system will require regular maintenance to sustain its reliability & performance. Our standard, 81-point, twice-a-year program will keep your emergency generator system online and ready for any power outage or emergency.

Custom Maintenance
We can help you get the best performance, reliability & long life from your system with one of our comprehensive, custom service programs to fit the specific power demands of your business. If you rely on your system for critical needs, we can customize a program to meet your specific requirements.