Town of Barkhamsted

Barkhamsted was awarded a $230,000 grant to replace the 24 year old Ripley School generator and to install a new unit at the Public Works Garage. Ripley School’s generator was being replaced because they wanted to increase reliability, and the original Public Works project did not include a new generator. Tower Generator is Connecticut’s only industrial certified Kohler Dealer and they were selected from a list of 5 bidders. The Ripley School received a new 150kw generator as well as an 800 AMP transfer switch replacement.

Because Tower Generator’s bid came way under the grant amount, the Town was able to replace 2 more firehouse generators, and the install of a generator at the town Senior Center. Tower Generator was the vendor of choice for these additional projects as well.


Barkhamsted, Connecticut


The project began as two generators, but due to funds available it ended up being five, two diesels and three propane Kohler generators ranging from 20 KW to 150 KW.


To protect the town’s buildings and to be able to provide essential services in the event of a long term outage.