Collinsville F.D.

Tower Generator was tasked to ensure that the fire station has power in the event of an outage. An older diesel generator was replaced with a more appropriately sized generator, and we were able to offer a trade in value for the station’s 30 year old Cummins Onan Generator. We moved the generator outside of the building to help reduce noise which was an important benefit for the firehouse. The town benefited from the trade in of the generator in that they were able to afford the complete installation including site work, gas hookup and electrical installation.


Collinsville, Connecticut


Propane and Natural Gas - Cummins Power Generation - 30 KW

Client Testimonial:

Was at the Station the other night while the genset was in exercise mode. That is one quiet running machine! Felt the enclosure and felt little to no perceptible vibration.

Great job on the installation. Thanks again for all your help.

Gerry H.