Choice of Backup Protection Systems

ESSENTIAL protection


  • 8,500-13,000 Watts of Power
  • For all of your essential power needs
  • When you want to stay safe and comfortable with the basics

MID-GRADE protection


  • 14,000-25,000 Watts of Power
  • More wattage for more flexibility
  • When you want to run more appliances & equipment during a power outage

WHOLE HOUSE protection


  • 30,000 & Larger Watts of Power
  • The most power for uninterrupted living
  • When you want to use all the systems that require powering your home

Click here to take our Power Survey so we can identify your specific needs.

Understanding your home’s power demands and providing an affordable solution is the essence of our business.

Choosing the right backup generator is the key to meeting your electrical needs during an unexpected power loss. The first step is to select the systems and appliances that you would like to use during a sudden or prolonged outage. You should also know the condition of your home’s electrical setup to ensure that it will safely and efficiently work with a home standby generator.

That’s why we offer our Free “Power Survey,” a comprehensive, on-site analysis of your current electrical systems and emergency power needs to help you match the right backup system for your home.

All installed systems include a permanently installed independent fuel source; run on natural gas, liquid propane or diesel; have an automatic built-in battery charger; include an automatic transfer switch, generator panel, and complete wiring & startup.

* This page contains typical examples of power usage. They may be different for your home.