Don’t Rely on The Aging Power Grid

The U.S. electric grid is made up of more than just power plants. It is a complex network designed to transport energy over long distances and distribute it to the individual consumer.

Not only is the infrastructure in place aging and becoming less reliable, it’s also being pushed to do more than it was ever meant to do. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) states:

  • 70% of power transformers are 25 years of age or older
  • 60% of circuit breakers are 30 years or older
  • 70% of transmission lines are 25 years or older

Many will ask, what about renewable energy? According to Gretchen Bakke, Author of The Grid, “Renewable power sources have grown dramatically in recent years, but our aging electrical grid isn’t capable of integrating them into our energy use, so much potential power is wasted.”

Compounding the problem, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, severe weather and large storms are becoming more frequent and intense. As we all know, severe weather can knock out power for extended periods of time.

What does all of this mean to you? More outages. Power outages have more than doubled over the last six years compared to the previous six years, according to a Reuters examination of federal data.

Reliable power is more essential than ever for many Americans as we grow further into the digital age. Think about how much more energy is used – between working from home, electric cars, and a general up-tick in electronics, Americans need and use more power.

Installing a stand-by backup generator is the best way to guarantee you have an uninterrupted power source.

Don’t wait until you are left without power for an extended period of time to start thinking about a backup generator. Contact us today for more information on commercial and residential generators.

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