Don’t let heavy snow weigh you down

A snowstorm can bring down trees and powerlines, resulting in hazards and potential outages. With the winter cold quickly setting in, it is crucial to prepare yourself for the dangers wet and heavy snow brings to have peace of mind when the next storm approaches.

Wet and heavy snow happens when the temperature around ground level is above freezing, causing the snowflakes to partially melt before reaching the surface. This can lead to heavy ice buildup and excess weight on exterior structures. Without proper preparation, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation, left in the cold without power.

Use our tips to stay one step ahead of the winter months and prepare for the next snowstorm.

  1. Shovel frequently as the snow falls. Removing a little snow at a time is easier on your body. Helpful tip: spray your shovel with cooking spray to avoid snow sticking.
  2. Trim branches around your property. This will help to prevent limbs from falling on unwanted areas during the storm.
  3. Clean your gutters. A backed-up gutter will cause ice to build up on your roof, which could lead to a leak when it melts.
  4. Get a roof rake. Consistently removing snow buildup from your roof can help to avoid the worst winter-season damages. Purchasing the right tools can help save potential troubles down the road.
  5. Prep the ground. Wet snow can lead to an accumulation of ice when the temperature drops. Salting walk areas and driveways before the storm hits can help to reduce the ice on paved surfaces.
  6. Install a standby generator. This is one of the best ways to winterproof your home and ensure you and your family will not be left stranded without electricity. Keeping your electricity running means that you don’t have to worry about frozen water pipes or the added expense of hotel stays because your home is too cold. A permanent standby generator will kick on automatically when an outage occurs.
    • Remember to clear the snow from around your generator. Every generator needs free airflow in order to operate properly. Creating a clear path to your generator is also very helpful in case a service appointment is needed.

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