Where’s my Generator?

Nationwide, we are experiencing record-level demand for in-home generators.  While this is good news for our industry, it is causing a backlog in inventory – leading to frustration among homeowners and businesses who want to be prepared with a reliable back-up power source as soon as possible.  While installers are doing the best they can to meet customer needs, we wanted to offer a little more detail to understand the reasons for the bottleneck.

Several unusual things have all happened at once in our country that has affected generator demand in general.  One is the movement of many families away from cities to rural areas where energy service may be different than what they are used to. Another is that the work-from-home response to COVID has led people to require back-up power plans to be able to keep working through any power outages. Another is that people are spending more time at home (and saving money at historic rates as a result), and are making overdue upgrades which for many has included buying generators.  Finally, a fourth reason is that people are buying generators after being without power for extended periods of time during extreme weather conditions (snowstorms in Texas and massive heatwaves in California for instance) when they have needed it the most. 

While this demand is growing in great numbers, supply chains are struggling to deal with massive COVID-related disruptions. Manufacturers across all industries are coping with long delays. Manufacturers are trying to increase production by adding Associates and expanding facilities, which is helping the situation (although they are still in catch-up mode).

The best thing homeowners can do is rely on an experienced and professional specialist to help them through the backlog process. Tower Generator has been in business since 1997 – and has built its success by offering the highest quality product, technical expertise, and customer service to all business and residential customers. We are as frustrated as our customers that we cannot serve everyone immediately. We encourage anyone thinking about having a generator ready for next winter to order now.  We will reserve a unit for you – which means we will place your order with our manufacturers and get it to you as quickly as possible.

We will stay in communication with all of our customers, giving updates and realistic timelines on the delivery of their generator.  And once we receive your unit, we will quickly schedule the install so you and your family will have the peace of mind you deserve.