This homeowner wanted to upgrade from the portable generator system that currently backed up the house. It is a very common event for us to install an automatic standby power system for someone who previously utilized a portable. The portables do the job but they have their shortcomings. They require fresh gasoline and they must be set up outside away from the home. They also shouldn’t be used in the rain or the snow. The automatic system is ready when you need it, typically within seconds you are on backup power and they are made to be used in all weather conditions. We built this system around a 17kw as the customer was only looking to power the essentials. The existing natural gas meter was upgraded in order to accommodate the new generator. This Tower customer will now experience automatic standby power for future outages.


West Simsbury, Connecticut


Cummins RS17A with a Cummins 100 amp automatic transfer switch


To have the essentials powered during future power outages so that the family can live comfortably until the utility power returns.