Connecticut Shoreline

The homeowner was referred to us by a close friend who has been a Tower Generator customer for many years. A high percentage of our new installations are a result of customer referrals and we are very proud of that. The homeowner was originally looking to power just the essentials during an outage. We were able to design a system that powered the entire house by using a 12kw with load management and it fit his budget. We located the generator as close as 18 inches from the home as there were no windows or vents on that side of the house. This makes for a very compact design and it enables us to keep the gas and electrical above ground in order to keep the installation costs down. Our shoreline friend is now prepared for future outages.


Clinton, CT


Kohler 12kw with load management and a Kohler 100 amp Automatic Transfer Switch


To keep the house powered during frequent power outages.