New Haven

Medical facilities that provide a full range of patient services stand to lose a lot in the event of a power outage. The loss of temperature-controlled medications can be costly. They also must interrupt scheduled procedures that can’t be completed without power and they are forced to cancel and reschedule all the effected appointments. A back up power system is a must as there is just too much at stake here. Tower designed this system around a 125kw generator that is fueled by natural gas. The gas meter was upgraded to a 2-pound system in order to meet the generator fuel requirements. This project required us to cut the asphalt in the parking lot as the generator is located on an island. We also installed bollards in front of the generator for added protection between the parking area and the generator. This whole facility is on the new backup generator so it will be business as usual when the standby power starts within seconds of the next outage. This will be good news for everyone connected to this facility.


New Haven, Connecticut


Cummins C125N6 generator with an ASCO 300 series 800-amp transfer switch


To allow this community based medical facility to offer uninterrupted service and to protect the temperature sensitive medications during power outages