Standby vs. Portable Generators

When thinking about buying a generator, we’re often asked if a portable generator is a good or comparable solution to a standby generator. No.

Having a standby generator installed is the first step to keeping your family and home safe.

Standby generators offer a steadfast solution to extended outages. Unlike portable generators, they’re installed permanently on a concrete pad in your yard and will provide uninterrupted backup for the length of your power outage. Portable generator users have to lug it out, set it up—without letting it get wet or having it too close to your house, risking carbon monoxide poisoning), and don’t forget all the trips to the gas station you’ll need to keep it running. Standby generator users wait a few seconds then breathe a sigh of relief when their unit automatically turns on for them.

Portable GeneratorsStandby Generators
Portable generators must be stored inside out of the weather.Standby generators are permanently installed outdoors.
Portable generators are heavy and must be hauled out of storage and set up outside during or after a storm.Standby generators automatically start when the power goes out and shut off when it returns.
Gasoline portable generators typically require the homeowner to add fuel within a matter of hours.Standby generators have larger fuel tanks that will last for days.
Portable generators have safety requirements that owners need to follow or serious consequences may result.Standby generators installations are inspected and approved by the town to be certain it meets all the current codes.

The American Red Cross recommends permanently installed standby generators as a safer way to provide backup power to a home than a portable generator.

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