High Winds Can Knock Out Your Power


A nor’easter is coming our way. The strengthening storm will move from the Southeast U.S. to off the Northeast Coast this evening. The storm will bring soaking rains and strong winds to much of the Eastern Seaboard through Tuesday—this may mean widespread power outages. Inland areas in the Northeast may receive significant snow. The prolonged period of strong onshore winds will result in flooding for the New England coastline. (National Weather Service)

High winds can wreak havoc on power lines and can leave you stuck without lights, heat, or hot water. Not having these conveniences when you are forced to be in your home due to the weather, can make life extremely difficult. Especially for those that have children, work from home, or those that need power to ensure their health devices continue to work.

A home standby generator can give you the peace of mind as a nor’easter approaches Connecticut. There are many resources that can provide you with other great insights to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.

Visit the Red Cross for helpful information in the case of a power outage.