Heat Waves Cause Power Outages

When temperatures rise, the power is likely to shut down. Think of the 72,000 people who lost power in New York recently!

Families are staying inside with their air conditioners—the only problem is that everyone is doing the same. Air conditioners require a lot of power to operate, and that power supply is only generated at a few places around the country. This surge in usage can cause a ripple effect, resulting in a blackout. But why?

It’s simple. The power lines get overworked causing them to heat and expand. When they expand too much it can cause them to sag and hit tree limbs resulting in a short circuit. At the same time, cables, switches and other equipment react to the high electric current by stretching, which can magnify minor flaws in insulation and connections.

If power outages do not happen immediately, you may see your lights dim. Even if you can’t see it, your appliances feel it. These spikes cause wear and tear on the motors and shorten their life spans.

We can’t fix the heat, but we can recommend having a standby generator installed to avoid future outages! Contact us today to learn more about how your home and family will benefit.

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