Why buy from Tower Generator?


So, you’ve decided to have a backup generator installed at your home.

Where do I begin?
What size does my home need?
What type and how much fuel should I have?
Where should everything be located on my property?
What type of permits do I need?

Stop worrying about all this. We have all of the answers because this is all we do! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Many folks claim to be experts in our field but they do other things besides generators. We don’t sell gutters, siding, or swimming pools, we’re not electricians or fuel companies claiming to know generators. You won’t have to contract multiple companies to do your project. We do the site work, electrical and the gas work so you can relax. We will handle the entire project and no one knows this better than us because we don’t dabble in generators—we specialize in them.

No risk, no worry. For over 20 years, we’ve done and still do 100{e5714609ac24e0524391ef4ed3c2cba5dce8c514f32bbaa38af01b8651f8eeec} of the project 100{e5714609ac24e0524391ef4ed3c2cba5dce8c514f32bbaa38af01b8651f8eeec} of the time.

Give us a call to discuss the power your home needs and experience the Tower difference. You’ll be glad you did.