5 Tips to Prepare for Spring

Thankfully, Spring is finally here! Our landscape will gradually change from brown to green and will fill with pops of color from various flowers blooming once again. We’ll open our windows to let in fresh air and go out on walks to overload our senses with all that comes with Spring. However, as the snow melts and temperatures climb, we have to remember that Spring also brings severe storms.

In the spring, the clash of air masses creates a ‘weather battleground.’ This happens when cold, dry air from Canada clashes with warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. A frontal boundary divides the two air masses and acts as a focal point for thunderstorms. With the right ingredients, some storms become severe.

Here are some easy ways to ensure the safety of you and your family before the next storm:

  • “Spring clean” your disaster kit. Replace expired prescriptions, food and first aid items.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Survey your property for things that might need repair, and trim tree limbs hanging over your home.
    • Inspect your roof for any leaks, especially if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow in the winter.
    • Check and reseal windows and doors, if necessary, to keep the spring/summer heat out.
    • Clean out your chimney and gutters.
  • Update your emergency contact information.
  • Make sure you have a back-up power source in case of a power outage. Having a standby generator means you can safely power your home even through a long term outage.

Preparedness is power. Don’t be left in the dark during the next severe storm.

Article from Cummins